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Laphet Mania


We are avaliable for order via HI-SO,Foodpanda,Door To Door,Food2U,FoodMALL,YANGOONITY delivery services.You can get 10% discount if you directly order from the restaurant We are Japanese and Burmese restaurant produced by a global Japanese HIP HOP artist, The Road, in Sanchaung township. Our Japanese menu are supervised by a Japanese cooking expert, Tomoe Takaishi, and Burmese menu are supervised by a Burmese chef. We also serve our original menu with laphet. 当レストランはオーストラリアやチリ、ミャンマーを初め、海外で活動する日

4.6 14 Sanchaung, Yangon
Budget - 5,000-10,000 kyat 2,500-5,000 kyat

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