Order from your room with one hand.
Why not introduce a comfortable, telephone-free experience in all your rooms at once?

Room service with a 
single smartphone.

Room service with a
single smartphone.

"yathar Hotels" is a web-based self-ordering system.
Customers can complete the Room service order on the smartphone.

For mobile ordering
in the attached restaurant

Smart Order was originated as a service for restaurants.
Restaurants can be digitised at the same time.
Take-out and delivery services are also available.


One-stop service for room cleaning, amenities and contact with the front desk.

Add whatever you want to offer as room service. Easy to switch ON / OFF. The customisation is endless!

The variety of services with 0 commission.


Commission to yathar

Are you paying too high a commission for every order? yathar is here to help you with these issues and provide you with the best solution. *Subject to change, yathar will continue to aim to offer a commission-free service for shops wherever possible.


Customize your store with various functions


Coupon Issue

Review management

Add photo

Tip function

Analysis function

Theme customize

Insert Video

Smart Ordering Flow


Display / Order Menu

Room Order / Table Order / Takeout / Delivery

Display the menu from the QR code (URL).
Orders are automatically placed at the customer's timing.


Online Payment

Cash / Online Payment

After ordering, payments can be completed on the screen.
Customers can choose from a variety of methods to suit their needs.
*Currently only cash is available


Notify the dedicated control panel for stores

PC / Tablet / Mobile

The order log will be recorded along with the notification on the management screen.
You can manage it on your PC, so there is no wasted cost.

Pricing & Plan

The number of table and order are All Unlimited!!

Start for free Request information

* All plans can be used free of charge for the first month.
* If you choose annualy plan, the amount is discounted for another 2 months.
* You can apply / cancel at any time from the control panel.