Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, it is required to take actions for preventing the spread of infection, such as refraining from going out or operating your store. We yathar will do our best for “what we can do for now” to support people, society, companies, and stores in this emergency situation, as the company that walks together with and snuggles up to the stores such as restaurants or beauty salons. We will work on these contribution activities one by one. We sincerely hope that the number of stores and customers will increase who agree with these activities even just a little, and it will help control the spread of the infection and provide financial support. If you have any problems with store management during the COVID-19 pandemic, please feel free to contact our customer support team.

SNS Consulting

We handle facebook operations that require specialized knowledge. Effectively appeal the store at low cost.

QR digital menu

Goodbye to the paper menu. Switch to a non-contact digital menu. Create photos, prices, and descriptions as you like.

Takeout and delivery

Reach users looking for delivery in collaboration with Hi-So.

Store disinfection, social distance, Hygiene management

We also have a service of regular disinfection in accordance with government guidelines.

Community formation

You can join a closed community limited to yathar premium owners.(Closed Facebook group) yathar experts who have knowledge from IT advanced countries will share some knowledge about marketing and ideas to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, You can acquire much more knowledge by exchanging information from interaction with other shop owners.

Please feel free to contact us from each of the following inquiries.