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App production

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Server infrastructure construction

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What can be done because it is yathar

We will develop at the overwhelmingly low cost while maintaining the quality.

In Myanmar, the labor costs of engineers are lower than in other countries, and there are many cases where the budget is less than half the budget. Also, yathar's bridges engineers has excellent skill, mainly Japanese engineers, so you can trust us with confidence.

Cheap and high quality!

yathar wins "Top 50 Tech Companies 2019". A development team with technical skills recognized around the world will take the direction, so please leave quality to us.

Scalable system design

yathar has multinational services with a global design. Utilizing that know-how, we solve problems that are often worried in global expansion such as latency elimination, CDN, server construction in multiple regions, infrastructure design. In addition, we have abundant experience in operation and construction of cloud services such as AWS, Azure, and GCP by adopting industry standard technology. It is a perfect service for overseas expansion.