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yathar stock

About yathar Stock

yathar is a gourmet service which has the No.1 user number in Myanmar. yathar Stock provides the new distribution system which supplies necessities such as foods, expendables, gas, and water to Myanmar restaurants by connecting more than 400 restaurants with our huge network of suppliers.

For Restaurants Owners

Aren’t you having different ways to stock from supplier to supplier or ordering what you need from day to date?

When purchases and ordering business become complex, it also becomes difficult to control costs and analyze the profits.

You can purchase every commodity on your smartphone and PC at once by using yathar stock. It can be expected to improve ordering business greatly and save costs because our service makes it possible to reserve your order and make regular purchases.

Also, our service can contribute to maximize your profits by analyzing the date based on purchase history and frequency.

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Available 24 hours

You can order at any time by accessing the control panel from your smartphone or PC.

Full management of purchase information

Purchased information can be managed collectively on one screen.

Subscription is also available

There is a subscription function, so you can also purchase in batch without forgetting.

For Suppliers

Are you tired with labor shortages or getting resources though you would like to spread your market in order to sell your commodities?

yathar Stock makes it possible to sell your commodities to B-to-B market such as restaurants, directly by utilizing our one of biggest restaurants network in Myanmar.

It can be expected to handle your commodities to owners with your stock keeping and to keep a high persistence rate of owner’s purchases because our service associates your supplies with reservation and coupon issuance system.

We provide our service with the smallest handling charges only.

Our service will be your partner to expand your business chances in Myanmar together.

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Can be sold to restaurants nationwide

Provided collectively to contract restaurants nationwide. Sales channels can be expanded at a stretch.

Delivery and packing are also available

We also provide delivery and packing.

Commissions are the lowest in the industry

Fees are offered at the lowest price. It can be sold with ease and ease.

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Restaurants Owners

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