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U U Pork Rice

U U Pork Rice offers a variety of south east asia cuisine for bento box. We are offering delivery services to your doorstep.

4 1 Thaketa, Yangon
Budget - within 2,500 kyat -


Singapore Curry Chicken
Singapore curry chicken made with coconut milk
4,000 MMK

Sweet and Spicy Pork Chop
Western style of sweet and spicy curry flavor pork chop with fried egg.
3,500 MMK

Blackpepper pork chop
Blackpepper pork chop with rice and fried egg
3,500 MMK

Phat Kaphrao
Pork, Rice
2,500 MMK

Singapore Pork Rice
Braised pork,meatball with braised egg.
2,500 MMK

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