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Red Tea

3 1 Hlaing, Yangon
Budget - - within 2,500 kyat

Milk Tea Series
Matcha Latte
Matcha makes your day relax and perfect
1,700 MMK
Pearl Milk Tea
Contain delicious milk tea, boba pearl and love
1,500 MMK
Jelly Milk Tea
Contain Milk Tea, Sweet Jelly and love
1,500 MMK
Thai Green Tea
Thai Green Tea, you will not regret for drinking it.
1,500 MMK
Taro Milk Tea
Who says no to Taro Milk Tea?
1,500 MMK
Honey Lemon Tea
Honey and Lemon are perfect match for your tea. Enjoy your day!
1,200 MMK
Fresh Triplet
Three little cute triplet.
1,700 MMK
Refreshing Drinks
Passion Brew
Fresh Passion
1,200 MMK
Orange Brew
Orange is Orange
1,200 MMK
Strawberry Brew
Strawberry and cigarettes always taste like you
1,200 MMK
Mango Brew
Mango is your fruit right? If not try it!
1,200 MMK
Blueberry Brew
Blueberry is not bad, sweet and sour taste.
1,200 MMK
Pineapple Brew
Pineapple brew make your day perfect
1,200 MMK
Grape Brew
Grape is a kind of wine things. but this one is not dizzy
1,200 MMK
Melon Brew
Melon Melon Melon
1,200 MMK
Kiwi Brew
Kiwi is small but very delicious
1,200 MMK
Green Apple Brew
Eat Apple a day keeps doctor away
1,200 MMK
Lychee Brew
Lychee is the best
1,200 MMK
Oreo Milkshake
Oreo + Milk = Orea Milkshake :D
2,000 MMK
Matcha Smoothie
Matcha Smoothie is make from Matcha
2,000 MMK
Taro Smoothie
Contain Sweet Potato and smoothie stuffs
2,000 MMK
Mango Smoothie
Mango + Smoothie = make your brain fresh
2,000 MMK
Kiwi Smoothie
Kiwi smoothie? you should try it
2,000 MMK
Chocolate Smoothie
Chocolate is delicious and so do smoothie
2,000 MMK
Cheesy Series
Cheesy Milk Tea
Cheese say cheese
2,000 MMK
Chocolate Cheese
OMG, Chocolate + Cheese
2,200 MMK
Taro with Cheese
Taro with Cheese ......
2,200 MMK
Matcha Cheesy
It is a good drink.
2,200 MMK
Cheesy Oreo
Cheesy Cheesy Oreo Drink
2,500 MMK
Thai Green Cheese
Good for health and you mouth
2,000 MMK

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