What is yathar POS?

The POS system provides the methods for delivering food stuffs on visitor tables on time. It comes with software for managing store business. It is effectively communicated between store owner and staff in any place at anytime.

The inventory control function helps in adding more food items to the menu.

POS system provides the methods for delivering food stuffs on visitor tables on time.

POS system is designed to be user friendly, with a sole purpose of making life easier and business better.

Store owners can focus on forecasting budgets and mange labor with the support of this POS system.

Reporting tools in POS system allows ensuring progress levels in business by minimizing the errors to a large extent.

What is Cloud-based POS ?

A cloud-based POS is a web-hosted point of sale solution that stores data on remote servers (online) instead of a local storage. This allows users their data from anywhere on the globe and at any time. All they need is an active internet connection. It means you can change a menu item from your living room couch.

Which do you choose?

Content Cloud-based POS Leagacy POS
Payment Monthly payment Upfornt license free + monthly maintenance fees
Software Hosted online Installed on-premise by a technician
Hardware Mobile and stationary tablets Bulky stationary terminals
Data Storage Remote cloud access Computer in the back office of the restraunt
Maintenance 95% of support calls do not have to be onsite On-location for the majority of issues
Limitations Internet reliance in some systems Data access, system inyrgratoin, stationary hardware, high cost, low flexibility

Key Feature of a POS system

Menu Management and Item Modifiers


Loyalty Management

Sales Reporting


Back Office Operations

Ordering Management

System Access Controls

Inventory Management

Employee Management

Benefit of POS system

Easy to update the menu at anytime at anywhere

A key role in creating menu, order management, bills payment and loyalty management

No manipulation in billing and secured transactions

Increase in table turnover, sales and profitability

Smooth flow of communication between service staff and kitchen

Optimum staff utilization reduce the labor cost

Cloud POS system support on the Android mobile and tablets

Generate several reports that will help the owner understand the performance of stores

Better inventory control and accurate accounting

Function List

Application Basic Premium
POS Application

Product selection(product list / barcode scan), quantity specification, accounting

Sales management
Sales search / detail inquiry / cancellation, receipt printing

Stock management
Stock search / inquiry, inventory (stock closing)

Membership management
Member search / inquiry / update, new member registration

Promotion management
Campaign / coupon condition inquiry (set sales, discount conditions, etc.)

various reports
Sales statistics, returns statistics, promotion statistics, payment method statistics, work, shift statistics, membership charge statistics, etc.

Management WEB

Products management
Product setting, category setting, sales unit setting, package deal setting, option setting, etc.

Promotion management
Campaign / coupon setting

Membership management
Member search / inquiry / registration / editing, point setting, charging / payment

Stock management
Stock ・payment-slip inquiry/ purchase / returns, warehousing / delivery / processing, inventory, profit / loss

Shipping management
Ordering, warehousing / delivery

Commission management
Commission condition search / inquiry / registration / editing, commission details search / inquiry

various reports
Sales statistics (by organization / product), sales trend statistics, membership statistics, returns statistics, promotion statistics, payment method statistics, etc.

Transaction description
Inquiry / output only

POS application settings
Store area settings, employee settings, authority settings, payment method settings

Price PLAN


1 year

29,900 MMK / m

6 months

35,900 MMK / m

3 months

39,900 MMK / m



1 year

59,900 MMK / m

6 months

65,900 MMK / m

3 months

69,900 MMK / m

*One-time payment required

Recommend Terminal List

Sunmi D2s COMBO Dual-screen 15.6 + 10.1 inch
Sunmi T2 Dual-screen 15.6 + 10.1 inch
SUNMI 58 Thermal Receipt Printer

※ Prices are market prices. Please contact our staff for details as it varies depending on the season.
※ If you already have an Android device, you don’t need to purchase it, but we cannot guarantee normal operation except for devices specified by us.

※ If the store structure requires your own wiring work, you will be responsible for the cost.