Revolutional development of transportation systems has enabled anyone to go anywhere in the world within 24 hours.
Due to the IT revolution, we can easily communicate with people around the world.
Such developments still continue to this day.

However, there are many people who cannot get the benefits from this borderless world due to restrictions related to religion, culture, geology, or race.

We aim to reach every corner of the world, including small back alleys where people reside, and to continue to provide services that make people smile.

Let's share the yathar Group Corporate Philosophy to realize a borderless world.

1. Borderless
1)So called “common sense” may just be a collection of prejudices that people have acquired by the age of 18. Such common sense can contradict the common sense of others. The same thing is true between countries. Let's remove stereotypical ideas to look at things from different perspectives.

2)Create various opportunities by studying politics, economy, languages, religions, cultures.

3)Let's remove the borders from our hearts and eliminate all discrimination to recognize different cultures.
At both a personal and corporate level, we are aiming to provide everyone around the world the chance to be happy in their chosen environment.

4)When you are in a foreign country, you should view yourself as a representative of your country. Be proud of your country, while at the same time respecting the country you’re in. Your conduct should be worthy of a representative.

5)Expand your perspectives. Now is an era when even start-ups can develop space rockets.
There are services we can take advantage of from antennas installed around the world and in orbit around the earth.
2. Motto
1)Take action without being afraid of risk. There is no risk-free decision. Taking risks now sometimes minimizes risks in the future.

2)We create and provide services as if writing a letter to someone close to us.
No matter how good the service is, if the service does not make our loved ones smile, we let another company or another person handle it.

3)Believe in your intuition. Your intuition is right 70% of the time. But intuition is an ability obtained only from accumulated experience. So, keep learning from every opportunity and increase your knowledge and experience.

4)Don't be defensive, which means stepping back. Offense is the most effective defense.

5)We are a team. When unique individuals are united, our power works in a way that exceeds our imagination. Be aware that you are a member of a team no matter what part of the world you are in.

6)"God is in the details." Services with precise consideration are works of art that make the world smile. Let's keep creating beautiful and detailed works that move people's hearts.

7)Be aware of timing. Strike while the iron is hot.

8)Pursue unique values and technologies, which no one can imagine, without being trapped by established ideas.

9)Imagination is more important to us than knowledge. Believe that you can realize what you imagine in your mind.

10)The equation of empathy should be "logic x emotions". If either of them is missing, empathy isn't effective. Products and services that move people's hearts are products produced by adding passion into a system built with clear logic.
3. Technique
1)We make sure that our PDR cycle continues to rotate at maximum speed.
PDR means “Prep → Do → Review”. No detailed planning is required. We keep doing and reviewing at super high speeds to accelerate our business.
( PDR : Prep → Do → Review )

2)Let’s share knowledge on a global level. Let’s organize knowledge obtained in each project, and make sure to share it with the company as know-how. A person who can build much know-how is invaluable to a company. Be aware of and learn how our organization works.

3)Customers' voices and complaints are a wealth of information. Take them positively and get ideas from them.

4)Perform ToDo Perform ToDo Management. Be sure to set a deadline and visualize tasks to do and make your schedule viewable to others.

5)Make an effort to have business negotiations directly with key persons who have the authority to make decisions.

6)Observe good time management. Highly productive people work faster than others, but it isn't necessary to be super smart or highly skilled.

7)Our brains get tired in the afternoon. So do demanding tasks in the morning and routine tasks in the afternoon.

8)Set your priorities. The order of priority should be; 1. increasing sales, 2. increasing efficiency, and 3. convenience if possible.

9)Meaningless meetings may lower members' motivation. Remember that a one-hour meeting with eight people consumes a total of one business day for one person.

10)Set a clear purpose for meetings, such as making a decision, clarifying an agenda or discussing an issue, and share the necessary materials in advance.
Don't hold a meeting only to make confirmation or share information.

11)After each meeting, set the ToDo, deadline for each task, and the next meeting date. Record them in the minutes, and share them throughout the company.
Set a follow-up meeting for better efficiency.

12)Set goals with the SMART theory in mind. SMART means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Related, Time-bound.
4. Mind
1)You don't have to be a perfectly balanced person.
Nonconformists are fine with us. Let’s keep ourselves sharp and not too mellow. Let’s thoroughly polish up our uniqueness.

2)We enjoy difficult situations. These are tests that make us grow.

3)We can't change others and the past. But we can change ourselves and the future. We live now for a bright future without being trapped by the past or anxieties about the future.

4)We shouldn’t be too serious, feel free to be lighthearted jokers.

5)We respect our co-workers. Our bosses and subordinates are, above anything else, human beings.

6)We should have the habit to focus on personal growth. Like feeding ourselves, we maintain such habits even under difficult conditions. Continuity is the key to success.

7)Everyone can have opportunities, but only those who are ready can take advantage of those opportunities. So we should be ready at all times.

8)We take the initiative to do good things, even small things, such as picking up trash, cleaning and tidying up. A small amount of disorder can corrupt the entire organization without being noticed. We should remember the broken window theory.

9)People who cannot make a person close to them happy cannot make the world happy. We should live our life for our families, loved ones, and close friends’ happiness.

10)The closest person to you is yourself. Let’s love and live out our life.
Let's share this ‘yathar Group Corporate Philosophy’ with all the staff, to unitedly realize happiness for our precious families, friends and also the whole world.