No initial cost
yathar Smart Order can be completed with your smartphone or tablet.
There is no charge for 3 months of usage.
There are no device installation fees at all, so you can start with completely zero costs!
A maximum of 200 menus can be registered
Normally, the Lite Plan has a limit of 1 menu item.
Now you can register up to 200 menus for 3 months, the same as Premium Plan!
The campaign is fully funded by yathar!
"Use Smart Order , Get Smart Goods!”
Every time a user uses Smart Order, he or she can enter a campaign to win a prize of 10 luxury goods!
This is expected to attract more customers.
Use it free now!

There are no automatic charges after the period.

Self-ordering system for easy take-out and table orders

Self-ordering system for easy take-out and table orders

“I want to introduce take-out and table order systems, but I don't know how to do it…”
“I can't afford the cost and effort of installing a dedicated device…”
Smart Order provided by yathar is a web-based self-ordering system. It can be implemented by using only the customer's smartphone. There are no additional costs or maintenance fees, so it can be easily introduced.

Linkage with Delivery Services for Seamless Ordering

We are also cooperating with popular delivery services. You can seamlessly use various delivery services from your store's page. Further advantageous promotions may be offered. This is a great way to attract customers.

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Goodbye, paper menus. Welcome digital menu that can be edited at any time.

Switch to contactless digital menus. Create photos, prices, and descriptions as you like. You can also easily issue special QR codes for users to access.

Let's appeal with coupons and campaigns

From the dedicated control panel, you can issue coupons for your shop at any time.
You can freely set the discount, period, and conditions of use. Use it to promote your shop.

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A dedicated control panel provides a one-stop
store for the functions you need.

Myanmar’s No.1 platformer

Online reservation management system that can be used 24 / 7

Specialists from both Japan and Myanmar

Digital coupon function that allows you to set the period, discount, and conditions in detail

Plenty of experience and broad range of connections

Centralized management of reviews and photos
Easily reply to reviewers and replace images

Premium Partners

This is a partnership in which yathar owners can participate.
Community for information exchange and exclusive programs are provided on a priority basis.

Flexible Plans & Pricing