Press release 25 May 2020

Yathar receives Series A investment of 680,000 USD from SCALA Partners & MCIP Holdings

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Yathar Pte. Ltd. (Singapore; Representative: Shunsuke Ichikawa) raised funds from SCALA Partners (Shibuya, Tokyo; Representative: Norikatsu Harano, SCALA Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange 4845), and MCIP Holdings (Headquarters: Shinjuku, Tokyo; Representative: Hideaki Shimizu) approximately 680,000 USD (about 72 million JPY) of funding through a third-party allotment.
As a result, due to the founding of several companies including Nagata Advertising Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tsushima City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative: Ichiro Nagata) who, following on from its participation in last year’s stage, is continuing to participate again, as well as investments from investors, funding has now reached a total of about 150 million JPY.
In addition, with the aim of further global expansion, yathar Pte. Ltd. has announced the acquisition of all shares of yathar Myanmar Co. Ltd. (Headquarters: Myanmar, Yangon City, representative: (Shunsuke Ichikawa) which operates the next-generation gourmet service yathar.

What is yathar?

Launched in April 2018, yather gourmet platform utilizes AI functions, reviews using real names of users, social media and multilingual functions, it has achieved the No.1 position in number of downloads and MAUs (Monthly Active Users) in Myanmar in less than a year of its release.
*Since then, it has continued to grow steadily, and has contributed significantly to the revitalization of the Myanmar food industry by building a network with relations to Myanmar's leading international industries.

In 2019, yather received the "Top 50 Tech Companies Award" from "The Internet Conference".
* Within the “Food & Drink” category apps released in Myanmar on Google Play and App Store. Our research

What is yathar?

Purpose of capital increase

As an app, yather has already achieved the No. 1 position in the number of downloads and MAU(monthly active users) in Myanmar, wishes to further expand its business domain based on the knowledge and data it has acquired; Expanding to a platform that will be actively accessed by users daily. To do so, we will promote the following services.

- Beauty platform for hair, nails, esthetics, massage, etc
- Broadband line/public wireless LAN for commercial stores
- BtoB purchasing platform for commercial stores
- POS cashier system for commercial stores
- WEB advertising
- SNS consulting
- Influencer / entertainment location proposals
- Offshore outsourcing development

In accompaniment with an expansion into these businesses, a capital increase was implemented mainly for the purpose of forming partnerships with businesses that participated in the underwriting and speedily producing more strategic and effective synergies.

Holding company establishment and transfer of shares

Along with a capital increase, we have transferred all shares to a newly established holding company in Singapore. Consolidating the original functionalities, we will proceed to expand businesses with a global view which includes Southeast Asia.

Holding company establishment and transfer of shares

Comments from new partners

Scala Partners Co., Ltd.(Scala Partners, Inc.)
Representative director: Norikatsu Kaburano

Last year, our group announced a plan to develop into a “company which co-creates unique value with its customers to solve social problems in businesses." We have been developing three skills since our establishment: “(1) Skill in searching for real-life issues”, “(2) Skill in finding value within limited resources”, and “(3) Skill in evaluating and executing optimal solutions to issues with resources based on our ability to maximize value”. We plan to provide services not only to domestic private companies, but also to domestic and overseas private sources, governments, and self-governing bodies. Particularly, we will promote digital transformation using AI/IoT to accelerate business growth.
Currently yathar, which is in the phase of expanding the platform as a super app in Southeast Asia by utilizing AI and big data, matches the direction of our company.
In particular, we will support the growth of both yathar and Myanmar in various fields, including logistics improvement, food education, online payments and an integrated point system using a BtoB purchasing platform for stores that is scheduled to be released by yathar.

MCIP Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative director and president: Hideaki Shimizu

Our company is involved in entertainment and is affiliated with private company groups such as Yoshimoto Kogyo, Dentsu, Dwango, Jikei Gakuen Group, AEON MALL, Sony Music Entertainment, Space Shower Network, Amuse and Cool Japan Organization who have all participated in this investment.
Our goal is to export Japanese content to Asian countries and regions, and to create new content among the local and foreign Asian community.
Although “entertainment” is extremely wide-ranging, the “drinking industry”, which yathar has mainly dealt with so far, is a huge part of the entertainment world.
While we are developing a platform which involves not only our own content but the content of Asia as a whole; We hope to revitalize the entertainment industry in Myanmar and even the world through yathar, which will rapidly become a super app. There is huge potential, and we want to grow along with it.

Company Overview

yathar Pte. Ltd.
- Location:Singapore
- Representative: Shunsuke Ichikawa
- Established: April 2020

yathar Myanmar Co., Ltd.
- Service name: yathar (meaning "taste" in Myanmar)
- Website:
- Location: Yangon, Myanmar
- Representative: Shunsuke Ichikawa
- Capital: 1,060,000 USD
- Established: February 2018

Scala Partners Co., Ltd.(Scala Partners, Inc.) - Subsidiary of SCARA Corporation (TSE First Section 4845)
- Location: 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Hikarie 17F
- Representative: Norikatsu Kaburano
- Website:
- Business: CSV Innovation · CSV Travel · CSV Investment

MCIP Holdings Co., Ltd.
- Location: 5-18-21 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
- Representative: Hideaki Shimizu
- Website:
- Business: Entertainment in Asian countries

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