Press release 03 Oct 2019

Release of a Digital Marketing support service - "yathar Media"

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World Street Myanmar Yathar Co., Ltd. (based in Republic of the Union of Myanmar (stated below as Myanmar) in city of Yangon, CEO: Shunsuke Ichikawa) which operates a next-generation dining platform "yathar" that uses advanced technologies such as A.I, has decided to release Digital marketing support service "yathar Media" with a goal of expanding its business even further.

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[Service Overview]
In the rapidly developing Myanmar market, digital marketing has become an indispensable tool like any other country.
The penetration rate of smartphones in Myanmar exceeds 90%, and the usage rate of Facebook and the usage status of digital media are especially higher than developed countries.
Against this backdrop, yathar, that has so many app users and digital marketing know-how in top level in Myanmar, has released its digital marketing support services for corporations in Myanmar and overseas, utilizing its technological capabilities and its own media power.

["yathar Media" - Special Features]
1. “yathar” Pure advertising
This service, which was released in April 2018, has become the overwhelming No. 1 gourmet service in terms of the number of domestic application downloads and MAU.
On this platform, we provide a variety of advertising space, including banner ads, in-app timeline ads, and review ads on yathar's Facebook page, which currently has about 230,000 followers.
As a result, Customer can reach a large amount of general users in Myanmar, and the awareness of services and products can be improved and the access to websites can be effectively implemented.
yathar | Pure advertising

2. yathar Magazine
Article advertisements will be published in dining-themed owned media "yathar Magazine".
This media is not only expected to attract users from Myanmar's No. 1 gourmet app yathar and "yathar Magazine"as a news site, but it will also be a permanent content, so you can also expect long-term advertising effects .
yathar | yathar Magazine

3. Facebook consulting
In Myanmar, where Facebook and the Internet are said to be synonymous, it is essential to operate your own Facebook page.
We provide one-stop consulting services for companies who are having trouble with Facebook operations, with our Facebook marketing know-how, including page analysis, keyword analysis, content creation, budget planning, media buying and reporting.
yathar | Facebook Consulting

4. Mail marketing
We provide advertising space by e-mail to our customer database.
It is a medium that can naturally approach users, such as a frame in yathar's regular e-mail newsletter.
yathar | Mail Marketing

[IR inquiries]
World Street Myanmar Yathar Co.,Ltd.
PR agent: Khin Myint Myint Khaing
Tel: +95 1 861 0738 (direct)

[World Street Myanmar Yathar Co., Ltd. – company information]
- Trading name: World Street Myanmar Yathar Co., Ltd.
- Service name: Yathar ("taste" in Burmese)
- Website:
- Principal place of business: Myanmar, Yangon
- CEO: Shunsuke Ichikawa
- Capital: 700,000 USD
- Established: February 2018