Function 29 Mar 2023

Self-delivery feature released

 | yathar

We are pleased to announce the release of the Self-Delivery feature.
This feature is offered to stores with a Standard Plan or higher subscription.
This allows self-delivery, table orders, and take-out to be realized centrally without the need for dedicated equipment or systems at the store.

[Flow of self-delivery]
Users will be able to place delivery orders directly from their own smartphones or other devices.
Users can easily place orders by selecting menu, delivery date and time, delivery location, payment method, etc.

Subscribed stores will receive a push notification via control panel or email when an order is received, so you can deliver directly to your shop with your own staff or others.
This is a fixed monthly plan, so no matter how many orders you place, there is no pay-as-you-go charge.

"We have found that outside delivery services charge high fees."
"We want to do our own deliveries."
"It is difficult to implement a delivery management system."
If you have any of these concerns, please consider using this service.