Press release 08 Apr 2019

Opening of new yathar office in Mandalay

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World Street Myanmar Yathar Co., Ltd. (based in Republic of the Union of Myanmar (stated below as Myanmar) in city of Yangon, CEO: Shunsuke Ichikawa) which operates a next-generation dining platform "yathar" that uses advanced technologies such as A.I, has decided to open a new office in the second-largest city in Myanmar – Mandalay – with a goal of building its business even further.

Address: No 903, Room D(1/5), Mya Nandar Housing, Sagaing Mandalay Road, Lane 3, Chan Mya Tharzi, Mandalay, Myanmar
TEL: +95 1 861 0738 (Person in charge: Khin Myint Myint Khaing)

[About yathar]
Started in April 2018 dining platform "yathar", by using latest technologies such as A.I., real-name based comment and SNS functions as well multi-language support, in just a one year was able to become most downloaded app with highest number of MAU in Myanmar. Now it is considered as a highly-valued tool that helps in the development of the food service industry and in the creation of restaurant networks in Myanmar.

* "Food & Drinks" category in Myanmar's Google Play and App Store (according to company's research)

[Regarding the opening of the main office]
yathar, which has obtained already a No 1 in downloads and MAU number in Myanmar, in order to grow even more and become undisputed number one, as a part of its expansion strategy needs to invest in other business fields, such as opening of new offices in different areas of Myanmar.

Therefore, in March of 2019 yathar has started operating a new office in Mandalay and on April 5 on Friday made there an official announcement.

[Regarding the city of Mandalay]
In Myanmar, Yangon is known as the largest and most attractive city in Myanmar, where you can find plenty of hotels, shopping centers, office buildings and other facilities and it still continues to grow.
But recently with never-stopping investments from foreign companies, raise in wages and uprising competition in the field of human resources, some Japanese companies have decided to expand their businesses in more provincial regions on Myanmar. The second largest Myanmar's city Mandalay is expected in future to grow similarly to Yangon and become even more attractive area for doing business.

[World Street Myanmar Yathar Co., Ltd. – company information]
- Trading name: World Street Myanmar Yathar Co., Ltd.
- Service name: Yathar ("taste" in Burmese)
- Website:
- Principal place of business: Myanmar, Yangon
- CEO: Shunsuke Ichikawa
- Capital: 700,000 USD
- Established: February 2018

[IR inquiries]
World Street Myanmar Yathar Co.,Ltd.
PR agent: Khin Myint Myint Khaing
Tel: +95 1 861 0738 (direct)

Opening of new yathar office in Mandalay

Opening of new yathar office in Mandalay