Function 31 Aug 2022

[yathar Smart Order] The accounting system has been changed to 'combined accounting'.

 | yathar

The accounting method for table orders has now been changed from per-order accounting to combined accounting.
This allows customers to place simultaneous orders and view their order history by scanning a QR code on the same table.

For restaurants, it used to have a separate log for each order.
However, from now on, it will also be possible to view the order history of each table and handle the combined bill when multiple people or multiple orders are placed at the same time.

With this modification, staff will need to 'close' the checkout process.
By pressing the 'Check' button, the order will be distinguished from the next customer's order.

yathar is completely 'paperless' and allows for checkout at the touch of a button, without the need to print out a QR code each time.

You don't have to issue QR codes every time and there is no limit to the number of QR codes, making it smarter than other companies.
Please take the opportunity to try yathar Smart Order.