Function 28 Jul 2022

[yathar for Business] Menu video upload function has been added

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This time, the menu video upload function has been added. (Premium / Luxury plan)
This makes it possible to display a video for each menu on the menu screen, which enables a more attractive approach to the user.
By expressing the "sizzle feeling" that is said to be the key to the success of the restaurant's digital strategy these days, we can expect to increase customers' motivation to order.

This function can be uploaded from the yathar owner's exclusive control panel, and at the same time, yathar official YouTube Since it is automatically uploaded on , it also creates an opportunity for users to see it.
You can also add videos that have already been uploaded to YouTube.

[Uploadable number]
・ Premium: 20 videos
・ Luxury: 50 videos

Please take this opportunity to take advantage of the Premium / Luxury plan.
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