Press release 25 May 2022

yathar, Released "yathar Smart Order" self-ordering system for takeout, table order, and delivery. Expanding to Thailand and Indonesia

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yathar Pte. Ltd.(Head office: Singapore representative: Shunsuke Ichikawa) developed Gourmet, Beauty, Medical platform [yathar Smart Order] self-ordering system which supports take out & table order functions for restaurant business. Start from Myanmar and now also in Thailand and Indonesia.

・Service Outline
[yathar Smart Order], Users can use their smartphone for self-ordering. For the restaurant, Utilize the control panel to check the incoming orders in real time.

For dine-in, Users can use smartphone scan QRCode on the table and order by just tapping on the smart menu on their screen.
For the restaurant, the waiters don’t need a paper menu for order taking nor prepare dedicated devices. Also you can take orders without any direct contact.
For the outside ordering, users can use their phone or pc for self-ordering to book the table or order. Restaurants can manage booked tables, prepare and deliver for take out orders smoothly.

Moreover, nowaday one problem that most of the restaurants in south-east asia face is the expensive commission fees for delivery service. So [yathar Smart Order] has plans to develop a self-delivery system in the near future. We aim to be part of the gourmet world.

Not only that but Myanmar has already taken advantage of [yathar POS] POS system to make things more convenient than ever. *Plan to sequential import to Thailand and Indonesia.

For sale promotion, we have a lot of functions such as coupons, unique campaigns on [yathar Smart Order], posting the issued dedicated URL on SNS etc. Involve other promotions. If the customer’s using a booking function, you can also smoothly manage the online booking from the customer.

In addition, We have 4 plans. The restaurant please consider the plan that suits your budget and needs.

[yathar Smart Order Page]
*Partners who registered can use for free upto 1 month

Furthermore, Until official release, Who participated in the Facebook event will also gain these special benefits belows.

Pre-order special benefits
1.Can use [yathar Smart Order] for free until release.
2.In-store DX conversion, basic online marketing consult (our specialist staff can visit the store and consult directly)

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

・Background of service
yathar is a gourmet service with the largest number of users and restaurants in Myanmar.
Nowaday because of the covid-19 situation around the world, restaurants are more concerned about hygiene and Other health procedures.
Myanmar is facing financial difficulty, demand for delivery and take-out has steadily increased while the sale of dine-in restaurants is decreasing.

"yathar Smart Order" was released in Myanmar in order to respond to the situation, but in recent years, people's behavior changes considerably, there are similar changes in Thailand and Indonesia as well, and there is a shortage of human resources. We expected this to be a service to solve problems by improving work efficiency.

・About yathar
Service name: yathar (mean “taste” in Myanmar language)

・yathar Pte. Ltd.
Location: 8 Wilkie Road #03-01, Wilkie Edge Singapore 228051
Representative: Shunsuke Ichikawa
Capital stock: 895,000 US dollars
Established: April 2020

・yathar Myanmar Co., Ltd.
Location: No-8, U Weikzar Street, 7 Ward, Pazundaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Representative: Shunsuke Ichikawa
Capital stock: 1,060,000 US dollars
Established: February 2018