Function 03 Feb 2022

Smart Order is now available without authentication

 | yathar

With "yathar Smart Order", users can now place orders without logging in.
This makes it easier to use digital orders.
- Only table orders are available.
- Login is required to use takeout, coupons, promotions, order history, and cashless payment.

Service Overview

“yathar Smart Order" is a system that allows users to self-order using their smartphone or PC, and allows the restaurant to check the order in real-time on a dedicated control panel.
When used in a restaurant, the user can read the QR code placed on the table and order while viewing the menu displayed on the smartphone. This eliminates the need for waitstaff to take orders using paper menus, etc., and enables the use of contact-type table orders that maintain social distance without the need for specialized devices.
Also, when using the system from outside the store, users can place an order in advance specifying the date and time of pickup, and the store can prepare the food according to that specified information, enabling smooth delivery of takeout orders.
In addition, this function can be used in combination with the coupon function that is already available, for example, to apply a campaign price to takeouts only, or to use the special URL that is issued for sales promotion on SNS.

This function is provided as an additional function for yathar premium partners, and existing partner stores can install it immediately from the control panel.