Press release 01 Feb 2021

Regarding inability of internet connection in Myanmar

 | yathar

Regarding inability of internet connection in Myanmar

Since some internet connections in Myanmar are currently cut off, it's difficult to deal with some inquiries to our Yangon and Mandalay offices.
In addition, it's difficult to contact sales representatives and consultants in Myanmar too.

Based on the current situation, we will take the following actions.
[About inquiries]
Both email and phone are open as usual.
It may be difficult to connect depending on the situation.

[Contact information]
95 (0) 9-776640078

[About service]
The servers of yathar and group services are redundant at multiple locations including overseas data centers, and there is no service outage.
In addition, the response policy may change depending on the future situation, but in that case we will report again.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers and all concerned, and thank you for your understanding.