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Release of a dining-themed owned media - "yathar Magazine"

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World Street Myanmar Yathar Co., Ltd.(based in Republic of the Union of Myanmar (stated below as Myanmar) in city of Yangon, CEO: Shunsuke Ichikawa) using funds gained through the investments from the individual investors (total amount of the investments has been disclosed) and different companies, especially from Advertising NAGATA Co., Ltd (based in city of Tsushima in Aichi prefecture, CEO: Nagata Ichiroh), has successfully established the company in 2 February, 2018 and started its primary business. In the same time, by using various advanced technologies such as A.I., World Street Myanmar Yathar Co. Ltd. was able to release its next-generation dining guide service Yathar, targeted towards Myanmar users.
Additionally, World Street Myanmar Yathar Co. Ltd. along with the start of Yathar, made a press release on April 26, 2018 in the city of Yangon.

Yathar's mission and usage

In developed countries, dining guide web services and applications are used on a daily basis and are part of most people's everyday life. Also on Japanese market we can observe rise in popularity and increasing credibility of those kind of services, especially among those, where users are able to write their opinions using their real names and communicate with each other using a social media. Yathar is going to offer not only these basic functions stated above, but also through offering multi-language support and advanced A.I. search solutions, it aims to become a potentially global service and revitalize Myanmar's restaurant industry.

Concretely, dining guide service Yathar, through basing on the data analyzed by A.I. such as profile information, uploaded pictures, places, weather etc. will give users a personalized restaurant recommendations. Characteristic for Yathar though, will be possibility of writing high-quality comments using the real name and communicate with other users thanks to the integration with social media.

Thanks to these functions, Yathar will be able to offer lifestyle-based, truly personalized experiences almost similar to concierges, especially if compared to the older and much less advanced search tools. Yathar also wants to become time-saving platform for the restaurant owners, especially when managing the restaurant or during a customer research, due to implementation of such functions as the possibility of issuing coupons, reviews management system and also coming in future reservation system. Everything with a possibility of gaining highly credible user feedback.

Additionally in future, Yathar has potential plans to issue its own currency through the implementation of blockchain. With this technology, payments in restaurants with points gathered through visits in restaurants or transfers between users in case of adding a wallet, will also become possible. With such function, using just a smartphone users will be able to easily for ex. split dinner bills or fund someone a lunch.

Background behind releasing a food service in Myanmar

According to the data regarding mobile phone usage in Myanmar gathered and published by International Telecommunication Union, abbr. as ITU), in 2011 only 2% of Myanmar's population was using mobile phones. But with an introduction of new liberalizing regulations in a telecommunication market in 2013, first signs of improvement were visible. Evolution began with Myanmar's post mobile phone company, MPT, starting a cooperation with KDDI and Sumitomo Corporation and then next, later, with Norway's Telenor, Qatar's Ooredoo and so on. All these companies made a large scale investments which resulted with drastic improvement of Myanmar's telecommunication lines. Since then, according to the data published by ITU, Myanmar's mobile phone user's population has reached stunning 95.6% and finally it became possible to offer supported by advertisements food and dining related services through web and smartphone applications.

On the other side, even since Myanmar's population majority owned a smartphone, most popular application installed became Facebook and even now it is difficult to find other smartphone applications on user's phones. Also in a field of food-related applications, currently there is no application on the same technological level as Yathar. Considering Myanmar's rapid economic growth, we can easily expect a dramatic increase of different restaurants and coming with it revitalization of Myanmar's restaurant industry. By entering the market in its early stage and taking advantage of a huge growth potential of Myanmar, Yathar will become overwhelming and undisputed number one on dining guide service market and will contribute to the everyday life of Myanmar users

Regarding Yathar cooperation with Advertising NAGATA Co., Ltd

Being one of the main Yathar's shareholders, Advertising NAGATA Co., Ltd has established in 2014 NAGATA Myanmar Co., Ltd. and as its contribution to Myanmar's society everyday life created "Advertisement infrastructure" project. Its main idea is to install an outdoor advertisements on a common city's infrastructure like mail-boxes, trash cans etc., which NAGATA Myanmar Co., Ltd. is successfully manages to develop. On the other hand, NAGATA Myanmar Co., Ltd being inexperienced in web based services, this time has invested into World Street Myanmar Yathar Co., Ltd. and will cooperate with it by offering their advertisement services to spread the information about dining guide service Yathar even further.

World Street Myanmar Yathar Co., Ltd. - company profile
- Trading name: World Street Myanmar Yathar Co., Ltd.
- Service name: Yathar ("taste" in Burmese)
- Website:
- Principal place of business: Myanmar, Yangon
- CEO: Shunsuke Ichikawa
- Capital: 500,000 USD
- Established: February 2018

Advertising NAGATA Co., Ltd - company profile
- Company's name: Advertising NAGATA Co., Ltd
- Principal place of business: 5 Chome-5-1, Higashiyanagiharachō, Tsushima city, Aichi prefecture
- Representative: CEO & Representative Director Ichiro Nagata
- Website:
- Purpose: General advertizing (outdoor, traffic, newspaper, movie, digital signage, bus stops with maintenance), others (security, architectural design, seismic capacity evaluation, electrical installations etc.)

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World Street Myanmar Yathar Co.,Ltd.
Contact: Mi Khine (Japanese inquiries) / Khine Zar Lin (Burmese)
Tel: +95 1 861 0738 (direct)