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Facebook Consulting

Boost your business. Connect to more potential customers.
You can focus your time to good customer care.

We will post & boost for you using Facebook Ads. Designing the route from awareness to attracting customers, we offer a one-stop service from shooting, graphic production, posting to advertising. Since it is also displayed on Instagram, it is also effective as a consistent method using Instagram. We will help you to efficiently accelerate your business.

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About yathar

yathar is a Japanese origin IT company specializing in web marketing. Starting with a gourmet platform, we support web marketing for various stores and companies, including restaurants and beauty stores. We are developing mainly in Southeast Asia, and in Myanmar, we have acquired the No. 1 MAU for our own application.

Myanmar Domestic App DL / MAU


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Total Client Number


Our Strength

Photo Shooting

Graphic Design

Content Creation

Campaign idea

Media buying (Boosting)


Service Flow

STEP1|Page Analyze

First, we analyze the existing pages, identify issues, and consider branding.

STEP2|Client Brief

Based on the proposal created here, we will discuss the direction in a meeting for about an hour.

STEP3|Budget planning

We will consider the budget to be allocated for advertising, the purpose of the campaign, and targeting.


Create content creatives. We will check the finished product thoroughly before uploading.

STEP5|Media Buying (Boosting)

We will upload the post to your Facebook page first.
Then, boost the post for the targeted user with the decided budget.


We will firmly monitor the result of advertisement.
Monitoring and improving continuously is very important for the better result in the future.


Basically in the end of the month, we will shere the detailed report of advertise result.
This will be contributing to the next month’s contents & targeting planning.

Our clients

Our marketing team


yathar will refund the full consulting fee for that month.

Plan & Price

Best Rate!

Basic Package

  • Photoshooting
  • Graphic Design Creation
  • Content creation
  • Content calendar
  • Consulting
  • Campaign idea
  • Media buying (Boosting)
  • * Boosting Fee is excluded.

Price: Ask

Looking for another option? We will arrange for you. Please feel free to message us!

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