How Smart Order is benefitable?

Company establishment support

Easily create a menu online

yathar Smart Order is a web-based self-order. You can easily create a menu on the web. No need to download an app. Anyone can access it from a browser.

0% commission.
More Order, More Revenue!

"Delivery commission is too high..."
yathar Smart Order is 0% commission.
Delivery function will also be available.

License acquisition support
Business expansion 
 into Myanmar, comprehensive support for business promotion

Real-time menu update

Sold-out menu / New menu item. There is no need for the hassle and cost. Easily edit your menu in real time at any time.

Work efficiency / Reduce labor costs

"Not enough waiters?" All right, leave it to Smart Order! Reduces mistakes when ordering. Create a better customer experience!

License acquisition support

Customize your store with various functions

Coupon Issue
Review management

Display / Order Menu

Smart Ordering Flow

Display the menu from the QR code (URL).
Orders are automatically placed at the customer's timing. 

Online Payment

After ordering, payments can be completed on the screen.
Customers can choose from a variety of methods to suit their needs.

Notify the dedicated control panel for stores

The order log will be recorded along with the notification on the management screen.
You can manage it on your PC, so there is no wasted cost.

Pricing & Plan