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What is yathar Smart Order?

Last update: 2023-06-06

What is yathar Smart Order?

yathar Smart Order is an order digitization tool for restaurants and hotels.
Instead of waiters taking orders with a handheld device, customers can view the menu on the web and even order from their own smartphones.
Simply place a QR code on each table at the time of installation, reducing the 'hassle' and 'time' involved in ordering each time.
This allows for 'smarter' operations and greater focus on 'customer service and hospitality'.

  1. Display a menu on the web. From order to check out
    yathar's Smart Order is a web-based self-ordering system.It allows you to easily post your menu on the web.
  2. You can easily update the menu at any time
    Out of stock / Sold Out / limited menu. You no longer have to worry about the hassle and cost of replacing each time. You can easily update the menu at any time.
  3. Free commission/ The more you use it, the more profitable it is
    Do you usually have to pay too much on commission? Free commission is one of the strengths of Smart Order. The more orders you have, the more it contributes to your store's sales.
  4. Work efficiency / Reduce labor costs
    "Not enough waiters?" All right, leave it to Smart Order! No new personnel are required as the order is received on behalf of the waiter. Reduces mistakes when ordering. Create a better customer experience!
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