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What is the difference of each 4 plan?

Last update: 2023-06-06

1. Light Plan
Basically, this plan can be used as a trial option. Only 1 menu can be added. The price is permanently Free. You can feel free to try it out.

2. Standard plan
Recommended for small-size restaurants. The basic function can be used in this plan.

3. Premium plan
Recommended for large-size restaurants. More number of menus can be added. As a yathar Smart Order's unique function, videos can be added to the menu. You can use customer support with priority.

4. Luxury plan
Recommended for even larger scale restaurants. With some special customization and high priority for customer support. The yathar logo is not displayed and the design can be customized from the template, so it is recommended for shops that are particular about branding.

You can switch your plan anytime in the control panel.
We recommend registering first and starting from the Light or Standard Plan. *The price differs depending on the country.
You can check the price list by selecting your region on the website. Website (Smart Order service page)

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