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Staff's Manual|yathar Smart Order

Last update: 2023-06-01

1.  Register as new partner

All functions can be accessed through a Web browser.
Register your account and try all the functions.

2. Choose your plan

3. Fill in the informationFill in your restaurant detail such as Name, Address, introduction to your restaurant, etc.
And also all of your operational activities can be set here within one page!

4. Log in to the Control Panel

You can keep this screen turned ON during the operation time. Once you received your order, you will get a notification both on your PC and staff’s phone. 
Please try if you will get a notification certainly. *You will need to set your browser's notification ON.
This page is the back end “Control panel” where you can adjust your information regarding your business.

5. Customize your shop & ready for daily operation!

From the Tab above, you can access all the functions just as their name implies.

■ GeneralGeneral is where you set the ground rules.
Open / Close, Reservation, Smoke, Contact channel etc.

■ AnalyticsAnalytics is where you keep track of many statistics.
For Data gathering, Future planning, Campaign design, Decision making etc!

■OrderOrder is where you will get Smart Order notification. Please turn ON this screen and sound to notify the order.
You can also keep track of all orders. For Table order/ Takeout order.

■ ReviewReview to understand your customer needs and complaints.
See the trend if there is some are where can or should improve. You can even interact with them.

■ MediaMedia in place where you can manage all the marketing material i.e picture banner video.

■ MenuMenus can be inserted for each category. You can also insert videos as well as photos.

■ CouponAttract your customer with special issue coupon, spice up your event or campaign! 

■ Reservation / holidayNever mess up your schedule again, easy to check and edit your table plus schedule hour of operation!!


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