A new community space with an integrated shared office.

With a simple interior based on brick, concrete and green, we have a space that can accommodate up to 20 people.
Since we have introduced our public wireless LAN service "yathar BB", internet connection is of course free.
Not limited to office use, usage is endless. Please use it for various purposes according to your wishes.

4 Spaces of yathar Base

Rental Office & Co-Working Space (〜16 people)

The space on the 2nd floor of yathar Base is a spacious work space that can accommodate up to 16 people. It can be used not only as a rental office but also as a coworking space for 1 person or more.

Green Field(4〜6 people)

A meeting space that is popular with staff with colorful bead cushions on artificial turf that is bright green. Ideal for when you want to casually breast without creating a rigid atmosphere. In an open space, new ideas are born.

Monochrome(〜8 people)

An individual space with a large monitor. It is also recommended when you need a private room for a meeting or for an event such as a seminar. It depends on the availability, but it is possible to rent with a basic charter.

・ Use of large monitor: Free

Kitchen Studio

As a service unique to a FoodTech company, we also have a kitchen studio. It can be used for various purposes, such as trial cooking of new products, photography / video shooting of PR products, cloud kitchens, cooking classes, etc., regardless of regular or temporary use. * Some cooking utensils and equipment for simple photography are available, but please bring them with you if necessary.

Smart environment


Free Wi-Fi
(yathar BB)
Free space can be used
(Kitchen / rest space)
Conference room for rent
(reservation required)
Various desk environments
Interior based on concrete, wood grain, and artificial turf


Smart door lock (controlled by smartphone app)

Company establishment, registration, window operation support is also possible!

We also provide support for Japanese companies and foreign-affiliated companies expanding into Myanmar.
We offer various services and offer flexible quotations, so please feel free to contact us.
※For more information, please check yathar Consulting.

Virtual office is also available

yathar Base also offers virtual office services.
In addition to using registration, we can also issue phone numbers, act as an agent, and receive mail.
If you use it together with yathar Consulting, you can set up a company without ever visiting Myanmar.
It is also recommended for those who just want to write the address of the Yangon office on the homepage or business card for the time being.

Price list

Rental Office
Co-working space (Hot desk)
1h 1day 1month 6month 1 year
2,625 ks 10,500 ks 105,000 ks 577,500 ks 1,155,000 ks
Private Office (-6 person)
1month 6months 12months
735,000 ks 4,095,000 ks
(682,500 ks / month)
7,560,000 ks
(630,000 ks / month)
Meeting Room
Green Field (-6 person) Monochrome (-8 person)
10,500 ks / 1h 12,600 ks / 1h
Virtual office
Basic Price
Admission fee Monthly membership fee for 1 month (monthly fee + option usage fee)
Deposit (security deposit) Monthly membership fee for 1 month (monthly fee + option usage fee)
Usage fee Usage fee 157,500 ks / month
Minimum contract period 1 month
Company registration Wi-Fi ○ ※Free offer at hot spot of yathar BB
Address notation Desk ×
Rental Kitchen Studio
63,000 ks / 1h~
Company registration 52,500 ks / month
Phone number issuance 52,500 ks / month
※SIM proxy purchase, mobile number, terminal are not included
Telephone agency
Mail receipt
Meeting room See separate price list
Black and white printer copy 105 ks / sheet Color printer copy 368 ks / sheet

Only yathar offers this price with full service and comfortable environment.

* Reservations may be full. Please check the availability from here.


Address No.8, U Weikzar Street, Ward 7, Pazundaung Township, Yangon
Phone +959776640078

Details of yathar Base equipment

Our three-story office ground floor space is always open as yathar Base. If you rent a meeting room and an artificial turf meeting room at the same time, you can use it as a spacious event space or seminar room. It is also possible to rent out the entire ground floor, including the space other than the conference room (please consult us regarding the price). yathar Base is a new community space. The usage of yathar Base is infinite. Your ideas generate synergies!

business hours

Open 8:30 am
Close 5:30 pm

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
About plan changes

It is possible to change the plan during the contract period.
If you go down to a lower plan, we will not accept refunds of the difference.

Space reservation calendar

  • Green Field

  • Monochrome

  • Kitchen Studio

*When "Busy" is displayed with these color, the space is fully booked.
*For “Co-working space” and “Rental office”, please make a reservation below or contact us directly.

Reservation form

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