yathar Base is a new community space.
The usage is infinite. Your ideas generate synergies.

Communication space

With a simple design based on brick, concrete and green, yathar Base has a rental meetingroom and rental kitchen studio. It can also be used as a space for various seminars and events.
We are also looking forward to your trial use of our booth and your consultation about our services.
Internet connection is of course free (yathar BB, our public wireless LAN service is available)
It can be used for various purposes according to your request.

Rental kitchen studio

As a service unique to a FoodTech company, we also have a kitchen studio.
It can be used for various purposes, such as trial cooking of new products, photography / video shooting of PR products, cloud kitchens, cooking classes, etc., regardless of regular or temporary use.

※Some cooking utensils and equipment for simple photography are available, but please bring them with you if necessary.
Please feel free to contact our staff for details.
※Rental is possible on an hourly basis.

Rental meeting room

We rent a communication space that can accommodate up to 20 people.
A large monitor is installed for a highly convenient meeting space (for 8 people) where you can have a calm meeting, and a casual meeting space (for 4-6 people) where colorful bead cushions are popular on the bright green artificial turf prepared. It can be used for various purposes such as seminars, meetings, and use as a shared office.

※Normally, it is only reserved, but please feel free to contact us for consultation on specific uses.
※Rental is possible on an hourly basis

DJ booth

yathar Base is not only for office use, but also for events and petite parties. A yathar channel has been set up within LotusTV (video distribution platform), and DJ distribution is performed from a fixed-point camera on a regular basis every day. DJ will be assigned on time after being judged by yathar. We build an ecosystem that benefits all DJs, eventers, LotusTV and advertisers.

For example, it can be used in such cases

Myanmar’s No.1 platformer
Touch points with new customers created at seminars and service experience sessions

Create a touch point between your business and your customers. It can also be used as a space for seminars, test marketing of new products, and extraordinary events. Please feel free to contact us regarding surveys, attracting customers, marketing, etc. using big data possessed by yathar.

Specialists from both Japan and Myanmar
For meetings with overseas business travelers. For small work and meetings in your spare time

When there is no place to meet with overseas business travelers, and when you can't find a good facility to find a place in your spare time.
You can easily rent it on an hourly basis for temporary office use.
※Please contact us for availability.

Plenty of experience and broad range of connections
For a tasting event before release. Also for shooting food.

For a tasting event before release. Also for shooting food.
Use the kitchen of yathar Base for product trials, photography, and sampling for PR.
Please use it widely for video shooting such as YouTube, cooking classes, events, etc.
※Please refer to the price list for details.

Company establishment, registration, window operation support is also possible!

We also provide support for Japanese companies and foreign-affiliated companies expanding into Myanmar.
We offer various services and offer flexible quotations, so please feel free to contact us.
※For more information, please check yathar Consulting.

Virtual office is also available

yathar Base also offers virtual office services.
In addition to using registration, we can also issue phone numbers, act as an agent, and receive mail.
If you use it together with yathar Consulting, you can set up a company without ever visiting Myanmar.
It is also recommended for those who just want to write the address of the Yangon office on the homepage or business card for the time being.

Price list

Rental meeting room Rental kitchen studio
General 20,000ks / 1h ~ 60,000ks / 1h~
Member 10,000ks / 1h~ 30,000ks / 1h~

※yathar Base Negotiable for reservation of all spaces

Virtual office
Basic charge
Admission fee Monthly membership fee for 1 month (monthly fee + option usage fee)
Deposit (security deposit) Monthly membership fee for 1 month (monthly fee + option usage fee)
Usage fee 150,000ks / month
Minimum contract period 1 month
Company registration Wi-Fi ○ ※Free offer at hot spot of yathar BB
Address notation Desk ×
Optional service
Company registration 50,000ks / month
Phone number issuance 50,000ks / month
※SIM proxy purchase, mobile number, terminal are not included
Telephone agency
Mail receipt
Meeting room See separate price list
Black and white printer copy 100ks / sheet Color printer copy 350ks / sheet

Details of yathar Base equipment

Our three-story office ground floor space is always open as yathar Base. If you rent a meeting room and an artificial turf meeting room at the same time, you can use it as a spacious event space or seminar room. It is also possible to rent out the entire ground floor, including the space other than the conference room (please consult us regarding the price). yathar Base is a new community space. The usage of yathar Base is infinite. Your ideas generate synergies!

Space reservation calendar

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