Gourmet Assistant just for you

yathar users the newest artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Recommendations of your favor will be made by analyzing your Facebook posts, reviews on yathar, and local information. The more you use, recommendations will be made more precise. New discoveries you've never expected will await you.

Gourmet Assistant just for you | What is yathar? | yathar
Connect with friends, share with friends

You can log in to yathar form either your PC or smartphone. yathar is integrated with facebook ID, which makes it easy to follow friends, or to share recipes and restaurants with friends. You may also share via Viber, LINE, and Twitter. Enjoy the new style of communication with your friends!

Connect with friends, share with friends | What is yathar? | yathar
Use coupons and campaigns

Restaurants listed on yathar can issue coupons and launch time limited campaigns through the system. Restaurants can use the system to acquire new customers, and users can use these coupons easily through our app.

Use coupons and campaigns | What is yathar? | yathar